GCSE Dance - Ghost Dances

Summary of lighting, set, accompaniment and costume from Christopher Bruce's 'Ghost Dances'

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Lighting Dark/night-time when the ghost-dancers are performing, and lighter when the villagers enter to show they are alive. Gradual changes in lighting show the passing of time/different sections In the opening section, it begins very dim, creating eerie atmosphere, and lights slowly fade up to reveal backdrop. Dark through most of the piece - eerie Designed by Nick Chelton

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Set Design

Set Design Backdrop of a scenic view of the Andes Mountains and the sea  Rocks on stage Intended to look like a cave The ghost-dancers’ habitat – to show they are more like animals now Christopher Bruce designed this himself

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Accompaniment Traditional South American Folk Music In the opening section, it begins with dripping water and silence to create an eerie atmosphere Breathy panpipes add to this atmosphere Slow and repetitive It gradually gets louder and faster Creates an unreal, ominous mood that builds in intensity Each new section/dance has a different piece of music, but the final section returns to the opening panpipe music of the ghosts' trio.

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Costume (of the ghost-dancers) Skeletal, strident, violent and stark Body paint to show muscle definition Skull mask and Long, greasy hair Ragged black shreds of loincloths Black fringing tied to lower legs, upper arms and wrists Almost-nudity is uncomfortable and fear-inducing Bruce also saw skeletons as symbols of South American culture/history Designed by Belinda Scarlett

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