GCSE Citizenship

Key words and points you should know

Statements on marriage

Age - both partners must be over 16

Faithful - A married person shoud not have a sexual relationship with someone else.

Sex - A couple should not have sex before they are married

Support - When people are married they should behave reasonably towards each other and give each other support

Woman and men - Partners should be of the opposite sex (traditional marriage)

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Civil Law

provides a way of settlign disputes between individuals or groups of people.

For instance, when you buy something that fails to work, or doesn't do what it is claimed to, it is the civil law that you get your money back.

It settles disagreements between people.

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Criminal Law

Covers behavious that the state has decided is wrong and must be prevented, such as assault or theft.

The actions become crimes.

Usually dealt with by the police, or some other authority.

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The text of a proposed new law, which must be approved by Parliament before becoming a Act of Parliament.

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The main law-making body of the United Kingdom, consists of the House of Lords, House of Commons and teh Crown.

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European Court of Human Rights

A court that decides on cases in which it is claimed there has been a breach of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Situated in Strasbourg

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House of Commons

The selection of Parlaiment made up of elected MP's

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House of Lords

The section of Parliament that consists maily of people who have been specially appointed as peer. Some people who are judges, senior bishops and who have inheroted a title are also memebers.

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The European Convemtion on Human Rights

Right to life - everyone has the right to have their life protected by law. Only when absolutley neccessary is taking a life acceptable.

Right to Liberty and Security - Everyone has the right not to be deatined and deprived of their liberty, unless it is within the law and the correct l;egal procedures are followed.

Right to Fair Trial - No one should be found guilty of an offence that was not a crime at the time it took place.

Freedom of Thought, Conscience and Religion - Everyone is free to hold whatever views and beliefs they wish

Freedom of Expression - Everyone has the right to express their opinion

Right to Education Protection of Property

Right to Free Elections Right to have respect for private and family life

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A sum of money to make up for loss or damage a person suffers

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Items or possesions

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Work that is done for apyment, such as hairdressing, plumbing or repairs to a car.

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this is really useful thanks :)

Tom Ronan


"Sex - A couple should not have sex before they are married"

Erm... WHAT? That isn't legislation, nor a viewpoint held by the majority of the public.

Sam Buchanan


Agreeing with Tom here. Probably best to ignore the Sex part.



too vague not enough detail



you can't spell it annoys me



Most information really useful, thank you.

Damien Newman


I agree with sopie with the fact that it is too vague.

Beth Warren


There are a caouple of spelling mistakes but overall it is a breif summary of the course


Beth Warren


There are a caouple of spelling mistakes but overall it is a breif summary of the course


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