GCSE Capercaille Sky waulking song

These cards will help you with Area of study 4 in music.

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Capercaille Sky waulking song

Capercaille is based around Folk music traditions.

Oral Tradition: A tradition which is passed on by word of mouth or imitation rther than written means.

Protest songs: Folk songs with political lyrics.

Fusion: A mingling, or blending together, of more than one musical styleor culture to create a new "fused" sound.

Heterophonic texture: Two or more parts playing the same melodic line simultaneously with small variations between parts.

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Rag Desh

Gharana: Indian system of master-pupil teaching.

Raga: Improvised music in several contrasting sections, based on a series of notes from a particular rag.

Pentatonic scale: A scale built on five notes (penta=5) of the scale on the first, second, third, fifth and sixth deegrees of the scale. In C major these are C, D, E, G and A.

Rasa: Mood created by the sounds of the pitches in a rag.

Bols: In a tala, these are the indepedent rhythm parts that go against the main beat of the cycle creating exciting synchopations.

Matras: Individual beats in a rhythmic cycle.

Sam: The first beat of the rhythmic cycle.

Syncopations: Notes accented off the beat. The week part of the beat is often emphasised.

Teental (or tintal):

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what key is skye waulking in



G major i think

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