GCSE AQA Graphic Products: Smart materials


Smart Materials - 1

  • Thermochromatic
    • Reacts with heat to change colour; hotter= red, and colder=Violet.
  • Photochromatic
    • Reacts to light levels.
    • Lighten/darken depending on light levels-UV levels.
    • e.g.: photochromatic glasses.
  • Hydrochromatic ink
    • changes properties when in contact with water.
    • Plant pot detectors-shows water levels in soil.
  • Phospheric/Phospherent ink
    • absorbs light during the day and glows at night.
    • It has phosporus in.
    • Glow in the dark sign/stars.
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Smart Materials - 2

  • Electrochromatic ink
    • e.g.: batteries- you put fingers on two ends and it shows how charged it is.
    • Passing an electrical current through it changes it.
  • Varnish
    • Sprayed to make something glossy.
    • Spirit varnish on a magazine-makes it waterproof, suitable for indoor use.
    • UV resistant varnish-doesn't let colours fade in the sun.
    • Most are waterproof.
  • Degraders
    • Oxo-degradeable- breaks down in oxygen.
    • Photodegradeable- breaks down in light.
    • Biodegradeable- breaks down in soil.
    • Hydrodegradeable- breals down in water.
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