GCSE RS Unit 3.4 Discrimination and Prejudice

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What is meant by the terms...?


PRE-JUDGE- to make a judgement about someone before knowing them.

Often Based on STEREOTPES- assuming all people of a group are the same.

E.g. All blondes are dumb, All scotsmen are tight, all football suppoters are hooligans, etc

DISCRIMINATION- to treat someone differently because of some characteristic they have.

Sometimes necessary or appropriate (e.g. Hospitals, Schools, Gyms)


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What is meant by the word ETHNICITY?


Ethnicity  (based on inherited traits)

E.g. Hair, Skin, Height, Looks, Builds.


Nationality(based on multiple factors)

E.g. place of birth, upbringing, parents, citizenship,ethnicity.

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Why Is the UK called a multi ethnic society?

A sigificant proportion are not from the majority ethnicity in the 2011 Census, people in England and Wales were...

Nearly ONE in FIVE people are from an....

18.5% Ethnic Minority                      British 81.5% White 

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Why Is the UK a multi ethnic society?

The British Isles doesn't have indigneous inhabitants but has been invaded alot and has a history of welcoming those facing persecution including French protestants in the 19th Century and Russian Jews in the early 20th Century.

Picts, Romans, Saxons, Vikings, CeltsAngles, Jutes, Normans...

These peoples make the British person today.

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Why Is the UK a multi ethnic society?


Empire Citizens were often allowed to settle in the UK

Many people settled in Britain's Cities

after WW2, the UK invited people from commonwealth nations to help re-build

Most recent immigration has come from the E.U.

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What are the [dis]advantages of living in a multi


Immigrants are a financial drainand, they take British Jobs, Leads to tension and Violence British identity and culture at risk.


Creates a net benefit to the economy they bring necessary skills and labour, leads to a more interesting diverse society, promotes tolerance.

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What is Community Cohesion and what does it look l

a Community in which people from different groups co-exist peacefully, without prejudice or discrimination.

RACISM- discrimination based on race or ethnicity.

SEXISM- discrimination based on sex or gender.

Historical Examples- Global Slave Trade involved the buying and selling of Africans as slaves.                   WW2 6 million Jews and other minority groups were mass killed by the Nazi's.                       Martin Luther King fought against Racial Segregation in the USA.                                             Nelson Mandela helped fight against the Apartheid system in South Africa.

RACISM IN THE UK- Murder of Black teenager STephen Lawrence exposed racsim in the UK

2001- Racial Tensions lead to riots in Bradford 

growing support for groups with Prejudice Views e.g. BNP or NDL

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What does the UK Government to do to promote Commu

Various Laws make it illegal to discriminate

1976- The Race Relations Act, made it illegal to disriminate by ethnity or stir up racial hatred.

2010- The Equality Act, Combined anti discrimination bills including the Race Relations Act and the Sex Discrimination Act.

Created an Organisation to monitor how well the laws promote Equality- Equality and Human Rights Commission.


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For more detail...

For a More detail Look at This topic Go to MrMcMillanREvis

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