geography aqa B -urban environment

This will include specific case studies that i will use in the exam. Such as dongtan china, BEDZED, Greenhouse Leeds, and more. 

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What is BEDZED? 

BEDZED is an environmentally friendly, zero energy, housing development built on a brownfield site in London.

Houses and work space are together because it is a shorter distance to get to work. This means that there is a decrease in the number of cars on the road. 

This is an eco-friendly environment since it uses low flush toilet to save water. Also it uses wind turbines. 

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Greenhouse, Leeds

What is Greenhouse?

Greenhouse is part of the new South Leeds urban regeneration programme. It is when a disused industrialised building is redeveloped to form carbon neutral homes that produce more energy than it uses.

Where is it?

Greenhouse is just a 10 minute walk South of the Leeds City Centre. Walking makes it sustainable because you are not using cars which will cause more pollution and greenhouse effect. Also it will save you money too. 

Main features:

.Energy generation- the ground heat pump are below

. Energy-saving technology- Double-glazing units will redude heat loss. This is sustainable because you aee not using electricity to  produce heat. 

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Bus Rapid Transport- Curitiba

What is it? How does it work?

Only buses can travel through the bus lanes. They are in the centre of the road so that theyare not delayed by traffic. 

How does it reduce the number of vehicles? 

As it is not delayed by traffic, people are more likely to choose this form of transport as they will be able to reach their destination quickly, therefore reducing the number of vehicles on the road. This leads to less pollution in the atmosphere.

Specific facts and details 

Curitiba is a city in Brazil eith 2.5 million people. 

1 million people use BRT each day. 

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Guided Busway- The Cambridgeshire Guided Busway

What is it? How does it work?

It is a concrete track that can only be used by buses. There is no traffic congestion.

How does it reduce the number of vehicles?

It encourages people to leave their cars at home, meaning there will be fewer cars on the road.

Specific facts and details:

The Cambridgeshire Guided Busway opened in 2009 at a cost of £116 million. The aim of this is to provide high quality alternative to a car.

The Cambridgeshire Guided Busway connects Cambridge, Huntingdon and St Ives in the English county of Cambridgeshire. It is the longest guided busway in the world.

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Metrolink- MCR Metrolink

What is it? How does it work?

A metrolink is a street running tramway. It runs on electricity and railway tracks. This gives an alternative to a car.

How does it reduce the number of vehicles?

It is linked to major bus routes so that people do not need to use their cars. Also fewer cars means less pollution to the environment. 

Specific facts and details:

Manchester Metrolink was Britains first ever street running tramway. In Greater Manchester, the Metrolink is the most carbon efficient mode of motorised travel. 

Each tram can carry over 200 passengers – equal to nearly three double-decker buses, and uses far less fuel per passenger than cars or buses.

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Congestion Charge- London

What is it? How does it work?

A congestion charge is made to drive into an area, typically a city centre, that suffers heavy traffic. You make a payment each day for this. 

How does it reduce the number of vehicles?

Drivers are paying to register their Vehicle Registration Number (VRN) on a database. London suffers from the worst traffic congestion in the UK. It is designed to encourage people to use other mode of transport. 

Specific facts and details:

The London Congestion Charge is in central London between 07:00 and 18:00 Monday to Friday.The Congestion Charge is an £11.50 daily charge for driving a vehicle.

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pretty sure the greenhouse isn't an urban regeneration strategy but actual as sustainable community. I would recommend using the Big City Plan in Birmingham for urban redevelopment/regeneration x 

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