GCSE English Language paper 1

Section A Q1 2-5 Minutes 4 Marks

  • Find and read the correct section
  • Select only details relevant to the key words in the question
  • Write a full sentence for each answer
  • Use details from the text to help you write your answers
  • Start your answer by using the key words from the question
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Section A Q2 12 minutes 8 Marks

  • Identify the focus of the question
  • Start with an overview of the effect of the language
    • "The languag used to describe ____ int the extract gives the impression that.."
  • Use an embedded quotation 
  • Explain the meaning of the key word/ ideain your own words
  • Look at the connotations of the language and draw multiple inferences - what does the reader think, feel or imagine? Extend this by using the word 'because' and focussing on the key words. What do you learn about what is being described from the language used?
    • "The effect of this is.."
    • "This gives the impression.."
    • "The connotations are.."
  • Link back to the focus of the question throughout
  • Use a discourse marker (also, in addition, furthermore) to move onto your next point
  • Do this three time - 3 different techniques
  • Finish your answer by identifying any patterns/semantic fields in the extract or use of contrasts
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Section A Q3 12 minutes 8 Marks

  • Indentify the correct area of the source
  • Start with an overview of the structure - what three/four events occur in the extract and in what order?
  • Look at the opening - what is introduced and developed - what do you learn and why does this interest the reader - what is the effect?
  • Identify a change in focus in the extract - there may be more than one - what do you leanr from this and why does it interest the reader? What is the effect?
  • Look for one other structural feature (repetition, contrast, time, the ending) and explain what you learn from it, why it interests the reader and what effect it has.
  • Use terminology that describes structure
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Section A Q4 25 minutes 20 Marks

  • Focus on the correct area of the source
  • Judge how far you agree with the quotation in the question - read through the extract and start with a clear statement on whether you agree or disagree
  • If there are two parts to the statement, comment on both
  • Pick out at least 6 quotations to support your view
  • Look at methods/techniques as well as the content of the quotation and explain how the methods influence you view
  • Infer / analyse how each quotation supports your opinion - what did you learn from this part of the text?
  • Explain and justify your views - use the conjuction 'because'
  • Try to make at least 6 extended points about why you agree or disagree with the statement
  • Use discourse markers as you add new points
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