Garibaldi and Italy

A summary of Garibaldi & his significance in the Unification of Italy

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Early Career

Garibaldi's Early Career

  •  Born a French Citizen in Nice in 1807
  • Joined the merchant navy at 15, following his fathers footsteps
  • Was Inspired by Mazzini and the idea of unifying Italy
  • Became involved in a Mazzinian plan in Piedmont in an army & navy mutiny attempt, however it failed and fled before he had the chance to be killed
  • Sailed to South US, Rio De Janeiro where he stayed for a dozen years, joined a branch of 'Young Italy'
  • Became a pirate preying on ships of the new world
  • Joined a rebel army in Brazil
  • Returned to Montevideo in Uraguay and sold spaghetti for awhile.
  • Got bored and joined the army, defending Urugauy against the Argentinian takeover - raised a legion of guerilla fighters
  • These became the 'red shirts' due to the red poncho clothing adopted from the slaughtermen Garibaldi had witnessed in america. 
  • Returned to Italy in 1848 due to hearing rumours of revolututions. 
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