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Gandhi's main beliefs and how he carried them out

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Gandhi's view on Satyagraha

  • Truth force: you reclaim moral high ground if you tell the truth
  • holding fast to the truth/justice- lying is a form of violence
  • non stealing
  • chastity 
  • non-possession
  • equal respect for all religions
  • must be leading a chaste life, and be willing to die or lose all his possessions.
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Gandhi's view on Ahimsa

  • Ahimsa is non violence
  • turn the other cheek
  • disagrees with violence towards animals

ways that Gandhi carried out his belief on ahimsa

  • non-violent protests
  • making salt
  • strike action
  • civil disobedience- burning of 10 passes- significant for equality/ rights for Indian people in south Africa
  • fasting- this only works if people care about you
  • salt mine protest
  • vegetarian- disagrees with violence towards animals
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Discrimination is wrong

  • Gandhi fought against the caste system, especially the treatment of the untouchables.
  • he believed in  rights for woman- to speak, against child marriage, for widows to re-marry, for woman to have an education
  • Believed in equal respect for all religions

Ways that Gandhi fought for his beliefs:

  • Gandhi allowed the untouchables to live in the ashram
  • He spoke out for the rights for widows to re-marry
  • He spoke out against child marriage
  • He often got his wife to speak for him, thus emphasising the right for woman to speak
  • He spoke out for tolerance of other religions
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Indian independance

  • Wanted independance from the British

Gandhi achieved this by:

  • wearing homespun clothing
  • making salt
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India should be united

  • Gandhi wanted Hindus and Muslims to live together

Unfortunately, Gandhi failed to achieve this.

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