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Goode - post modernist perspective on the family

The nuclear family is the ideal structure however not all families can be reduced to this structure.

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Murdock postmodernist perspective on the family

"No society has succeeded in finding an adequete substitute for the nuclear family, it is highly doughful and society would succeed in their attempts."

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Engles- Marxist perspective on the family

Inheritance theory. The modern nuclear family developed in capetalist society. Private property is at the heart of capatalism and it is owned by women. Women were mens property.  marriage faithfulness pass down to children.

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Ansley- Marxist femenist perspective on the famil

"women are the takers of ****"

As wives women serve and service their husbands by doing housework, cooking meals and satisfying their sexual needs. Their husbands are thereby refreshed and restored ready to return to the world of expoitative work under capatalism. The men take out their aggression on their wives instead of uniting against the factory owners.

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Delphy and leonard- radical feminist perspective

Wives provide help for their husbands such as proof reading essays, cooking for work friends, emotional support, trouble free sex and neglect their own emotional needs to care for their husbands boosting their ego's making  their carears central.

Wives contribute the ost to family life and get the least out of it. Men are in control of finance and have the dicision making role. He decides what foot is bought and he gets the best parts he has more access to the car and gets more leisure time. Sons have more money spent on their education than daughters.

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Carby- black feminist perspective on the family

White feminists fail to consider the significance of racism along side patriarchy as a form of domination. They agree that for many black women the family can be an opressive system however both black men and women are opressed by racism and so the family can be a source of support and resistence to racism.

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despite the nuc fams draw backs it allows children to develope their individuality collective child bearing systems like Kibbutz create a more conformist and less creative people than those raised in the nuclear family.

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We critisise the nuclear familly too much we instead should focus on improving it.

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