Fungi Cards

Includes the four major fungi phyla 

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- the oldest known fungi.

-Their gametes still have flagella. There aren’t that many well known,

- one of the causes currently killing amphibians, known as amphibian decline. 

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- include the common black bread molds and fruit molds that often spoil your lunches.

- reproduce sexually when two nearby hyphae grow toward each other (lead by pheromones) until they touch. They then fuse together and form a a zygosporangium.

-This structure holds the genes from both parent cells until conditions are right (like moisture returns).

-When things are “lookin” good, the cells will fuse their nuclei (fertilization) to form a sporangium, which is a stem-like projection in which spores are made. 

dark lump is where zygosporium and hyphae meet 

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-produce a saclike structure that produces spores (hence the common name) called an ascus hence the taxonomic name). 


-Some yeasts turn glucose into ethanol and CO2, which we use in bread making (the ethanol is burned off, the CO2 causes the bread to rise)

- beer and wine making (the yeast turn the sugar from the hops or grapes into booze and the CO2 makes it bubbly).




acrospore- the spore at the end of the fruit-bearing part in fungi

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-saprochic fungi that feed on wood


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