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crime is a problem of modernity(industrial society)

the understanding of crime and deviance is esential in order to understand how socitey functioned

Anomie - being unsufficently intergrated into societys norms and values

crime can be functional as it causes social change. yesterday's deviance must become todays normality.

he can not explain why some people act more deviant that offers. however offers an important social dimension to crime.

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Merton strain theory

devolps on durkheims theory of anomie as it was to vauge

he identifies there is value conseunsus with in society(share same values) for americans this is the "american dream" Th means or reaching this goal are through talent ambition and effort however some people do not have the means to achive the goal causing anomie.

Anomie -societys where there is a disjunction between goals and the means of achiving.

  • conformist - have the means and the goals
  • innovators -have the goal but no means of achiving it so turn to crime
  • ritualist - have the means but do not want the goal
  • retreatists - dont have the means or the goal
  • rebbels - dont have the means or goals but replace them with different ones. they wish to create an eniterly new kind of society.
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