Functionalist theorists + evaluation

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Kingsley Davis + Wilbert Moore

  • contemporaries of Parsons
  • education main purpose = role allocation
  • society is a meritocracy
  • nationally recognised qualifications allow employers to see who is fit for particular work
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Talcott Parsons - 1950's America

  • education is a useful bridge between the house and work
  • children are treated tolerantly and experience freedom in the family
  • workers are judged by universalistic standards and have to conform to company rules
  • schools socialise children into the norms of society
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Durkheim - Moral Education Lectures(1902-3)

  • main purpose of education is to socialise children into societies norms and values
  • value consensus more important than academic subjects
  • over time fewer went to church and society became more heterogenous(from different backgrounds). Education became effective means of creating social solidarity
  • David Hargreaves - social cohesion was a desireable aim but neglected by schools encouraging individualism and competition
  • recent U.K govs. echoed Durkheim's views by introducing citizenship(2002) and inspecting schools for community cohesion(2007)
  • Durkheim's views supported by Ouseley report into Bradford Riots 2001. Whites grew up in seperate faith schools to Asian - lack of social cohesion. After report gov. was less eager to promote faith schools.
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Evaluation of Functionalist views

  • David Hargreaves - social cohesion was desireable, but neglected as schools encourage individualism
  • recent U.K govs/ echoed Durkheim views - citizenship introduced 2002 and schools inspects for community cohesion(2007)
  • left-wingers reject some students are destined to be academically un-succesful due to role allocation - it is due to social class rather than ability + effort
  • Durkheim's views supported by Ouseley report in to Bradford Riots 2001. Many white kids educated in faith schools so seperated by Asians. Lack of cohesion made tension more likely
  • after report gov. less likely to promote faith schools.
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