Functionalism and Crime

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Durkheim says crime is?...

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How is crime functional?

Crime is fucntional as it stops society stagnating, it reinforces peoples idea of themsleves as being good people which makes the likelyhood of them committing crime smaller, it encourages social cohesion as it brings societies together making them look out for one another, and they may introduce neighbourhood watches to ensure they arent surrounded by criminals.

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How is crime realtive?

Crime is relative to each society and changes over time, what was once a crime in the 60's may be largely accepted and rejoiced in todays society (homosexuality). the place, the time and the people in society create what is acceptable and unaccpetable therefor as societies and people change rapidly as does what is considered a criminal act.

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How is crime universal?

Crime is universal as it happens in every society.

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How is crime inevitable?

Crime in societies is inevitable, there is always going to be poor socialization or a lack of social control in some societies therefore there will always be crime. crime can however be minimized by enhancing CCTV and policing but it can never be eliminated.

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How can someone be a positive deviant?

Positive deviants are people who are not afraid to make social change and stand up for social rules which are limiting human and personal empowerment, Quenton Crisp is a positive deviant as he carried on his life wearing and looking how he wanted to even though he faced abuse on a daily basis, now looking back he was a figure who was part of the social change for hoosexuality and expression.

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What is Mertons Strain Theory?

Merton would explain his strain theory to be the 'strain betwen the American dream and what a person can actually acheive'.

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In what 3 ways can people respond to Strain Theory

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How would someone respond to crime innovativly (ME

Someone would respond to crime this way by engaging in crime that bring around financial profit such as burgalry. doing this will increase their chances of acheiving the American dream but in an illegal way.

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How would someone respond to crime by conforming?

They would respond to crime this way by realsing if they worked hard they could achieve the American Dream in a legal way. They work hard and conform with the majority of society by working their way up.

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How would someone repsond to crime by retreating?

They would do this by giving up and turning to drugs and alcoholism. This way they can hide their initial strain to achieve the American Dream.

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What is informal social control?

Informal social control is family, friends and peers giving certain looks or comments when a person is about to commit a deivant act this form of social control happens largely in primary socialization where a person is learning how to behave and act in society.

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What is formal social control?

Formal social control takes place with the police and the army and third agents, they enforce the law and punish those who are criminal and deviant.

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How would Katz criticise Merton?

Katz would say Mertons theory of crime explains why people commit crimes which result in a financial profit but it doesnt explain crimes which dont... such as Joyriding, **** and murder. these crimes Katz would say were committed because 'people can' because it produces adrenaline.

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What do Messener and Rosenheld say about crime?

They say crime -especially in America- happens because of the value socieites place on material wealth, the position of them in a society is determind by how much money they have and what they can afford which in turn leads the people who are marginalized from society with no other choice but to commit crimes illegally to attempt to climb up in society.

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How does Japan have a low crime rate?

Japan is a collectivist country, every one owns everything (communism) they promote mental wellbeing and the correct morals and values before a persons material wealth which means the people arent consumed by a unrealsitic goal of large financial wealth as it isnt a priority, therefore crimes to enhance a persons wealth arent as regular or as likely.

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How does Albert Cohen critic Merton?

Albert Cohen states that merton says crime is a individuals response where as Cohen says deviance is a collective response to structurally imposed problems within society.

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