Function of Sugar

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Functions of Sugar

  • They can be used as sweeteners in drinks.
  • They can also improve the taste of products by removing sour tastes, such as in tomato products.
  • They can be used to speed up fermentation when yeast releases carbon dioxide in bread making.
  • Adds colour because when it is heated it turns into a golden brown colour this process is called caramelisation.
  • It stabilises whisked mixtures such as meringues.
  • Keeps food products fresh and helps to improve shelf life.
  • Aerates food products. When the sugar is beaten with butter or eggs it helps to trap air, to make cakes light.
  • Bulking agents, gives the characteristic texture to foods such as ice cream and cake.
  • Preserves food. In larger quantites it creates unsuitable conditions for micro-organisms such as bacteria, to grow in things such as jam and chutneys.
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