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Summary of strategy


  • the fsc promotes environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the worlds foests
  • helps businesses and consumers to make informed choices about the forest products they buy, and create positive change 
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Named example

  • Responsible Forest Management in Rainforest 
  • FSC runs a forest certification scheme which enables consumers to identify products from well-managed forests
  • FSC enables responsible forest managers to get a higher price for their timber allowing them to compete with pressures 
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  • encourages forest owners and managers to follow best social and environmental practices 
  • takeinto account views of those it would affect - even marginalised groups
  • creates jobs


  • pressures forest for future use - more sustainable yielf
  • pressures forest for tourism - lots of income
  • increased number of jobs in the area 


  • brings direct benefits to the forest, such as protecting biodiversity, indigenous peoples' rights, workers' rights and areas of significant environmental or cultural importance 
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  • some may not agree with the activities being done
  • people who used the forest before may be forced to stop - traditional access to forest restricted 


  • expensive to manage
  • people may not get as much money from the land e.g. traditional methods of gaining income


  • pollution of e.g. a source of water by chemials - use of pesticides/poor disposal of fueld containers pollutes the streams
  • possible poor water management 
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