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Food Standards Agency (FSA)

An Independent government department responsible for food safety and protecting consumers health in relation to food. 

- Use their expertise to ensure consumers can trust the food they are buying and eating. 

Role of FSA 

  • Works with authorities (Belfast City Council)  to enforce legislation and monitor food safety. 
  • Advise ministers on food safety and standards issues, proposing legislation and developing policies.  
  • Keeps consumers informed about food safety issues or product recalls via email or text message (rapid early warning system)
  • Provided consumers with unbiased information/advice regarding a number of food safety issues such as mycotoxins, GMO foods, food allergies, pesticides, veterinary medicines and radioactivity of foods etc.  
  • Provided caterers/the food industry with advice and guidance, for example, they provide butchers with guidance regarding hygienic production, food safety and labelling. 
  • Hygiene rating scheme (1-5): a partnership with local authorities in order to help reduce foodborne illnesses and give consumers information about hygiene standards in restaurants, cafes, takeaways, hotels and food shops.  
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Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural A

DAERA is part of the NI Executive. 

  • They are concered for the needs of consumers, animals and plant health

Work of DAERA

- Meat inspection: have an important role in slaughterhouses through the VPHP, they ensure that purchasers, hauliers, suppliers and processers comply with food safety laws. 

- Food imports: DAERA plays a role in checking and regulating food imports in NI. They have responsibilities in NI to detect smuggled goods from non-EU countries, any illegal products must be taken away and destroyed. 

- Egg packers inspection: Ensure all packaging factories comply with hygiene standards and regulations, provided guidance regarding legislation. 

- Veterinary medicines and residue: Provided information regarding safe levels of VM and residue throughout the food chain


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