In order to maintain the body temperature..

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Regulating Body Temperature - Homeostasis

In order to maintain the body temperature the body...

  • contains sweat glands
  • network of capillaries just under the surface

If the core temperature is too high

  • blood vessels dilate (get wider)
    • more blood flows through the capillaries & more heat loss from skin
  • Sweat glands sweat more
    • cools the body as it evaporates

If the core body temperature is too low, then:

  • blood vessels constrict (get narrower)
    • reduces flow of blood through capillaries & reduces heat loss
  • shivering muscles
    • contraction needs respiration, which releases some energy as heat
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Homeostasis is when the body's internal environment is kept constant.

Since amino acids cannot be stored in the body the excess amino acids:

  • Are first broken down...
  • It is then made into urea in the liver...
  • After which the kidneys filter urea out of the blood...
  • and then it forms urine and is stored in bladder!
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