North Frieze, Siphnian Treasury - Delphi



65cm high. 8.9m long

Runs from east to west

All gods face right and all giants face left (except Hera, faces left as a scene divider)

As such there is a giant with his head at a 180 degree angle to his body

Slight variation in all giants via shields and helmets

Gods names inscribed on the frieze

A chaotic scene, but not cluttered 

Three giants face Apollo and Artemis, with only two pairs of legs between them

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East Frieze, Siphnian Treasury - Delphi


Depicts the Trojan War

15cms high. 6.7m long

Medium and high relief

Depicts gods in discussion on one side. Trojan War on the other with Achillies leading Greeks. Memnon leading Trojans

Zeus sits in the middle of the gods, dividing them between pro-trojan(behind) and pro-greek(in front)

Gods are shown to be bigger than the humans by the fact they are the same size despite sitting down

Symmetry in Trojan War. Hero faces hero. Another hero behind each (Aneas behind Memnon, Ajax behind Achillies)

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Parthenon Frieze, The Parthenon - Athens

442-438BC Classical

On outer wall of naos, not on the entabulature (as it is a Doric-Ionic temple. Not ionic)

Designed by Phedias to show wealth of Athens

Depicts Panathenaic procession

All space is filled in by the sculptor

West Frieze - Horsemen preparing for the procession. Slow pace. Inanimate, but responsive drapery.

North and South - Longer sides. Depict chariots of the 10 tribes heading towards the Parthenon. Depth is created by placing horses in front of one another. Repeated pattern (horse-human-horse etc.) Gives sense of speed and fast pace

East - Gods in conversation. Peplos scene with it being handed to Athena in the centre. Gods all have heavy drapery with thick folds. Contrasts skin.

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South and East Frieze, Temple of Apollo - Bassae


Amazonomachy (Greeks v Amazons) 

Females depicted nude, unusual yet highlights them as being barbarian

Drapery on the amazons gives the impression of illusionary transparency

Motion lines on the drapery give a sense of action and provide movement to a relativly still scene

Provides a snapshot of the chaos of the fight

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North and West Frieze, Temple of Apollo - Bassae



Little rhythm to the scene and not compositional symmetry. Emphasises chaos of the event

Although the Lapith's muscularture is subtle, it reacts to their movement

Scene is very cluttered

No order to the fighting like in the North Frieze of the Siphnian Treasury

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