Freud's Personality Structure & Psychosexual Stages

Freud's Personality Structure & Psychosexual Stages

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Personality Structure

The Id -

  • This Is The Pleasure Principle
  • Present At Birth
  • Instincts & Drives
  • Unconscious

The Ego -

  • This Is The Reality Principle
  • Mediates The Demands of The Id, The SuperEgo & Reality
  • 1-3 Years
  • Satisfies The Id's Desires In Ways That Will Realistically Bring Pleasure Rather Than Pain
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Personality Structure

The SuperEgo -

  • This Is The Moral Part
  • 3-5 Years
  • Motivated By The Anxiety Principle
  • Represents Internalised Ideals & Provides Standards For Judgement
    (The Conscious) & For Future Aspirations
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Psychosexual Stages

Here Are The 5 Stages:

The Oral [ Birth - 18 Months ] The Anal [ 18 - 36 Months ] The Phallic [ 3 - 6 years ] The Latent [ 6 - puberty ] The Genital [ Adulthood ] - The Genital Stage is Merely The Maturation of Sexual Interest's

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Psychosexual Stages

The Oral Stage
Pleasure Is Focused On Mouth. Fixation May Be Caused By:

  • Over Indulgence - Selfishness or Compulsive Talking
  • Frustration - Nail Biting, Thumb Sucking, Greed

The Anal Stage
Pleasure Is Acheived By Elimination of Faeces. Fixation May Be Caused By:

  • Anal Expulsive - Lack of Self Control, Messy, Careless
  • Anal Retentive - Ordered, Tidy, Stubborn, Perfectionist
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Psychosexual Stages

The Phallic Stage
Pleasure Is Focused On The Genitals. The Conflict of The Oedipus/Electra Complex Is Worked Through In This Stage.

Fixation May Be Caused By Failure To Resolve Conflict. Fixation May Cause Curiosity or Exhibitionism

The Latency Stage
This Is More Like A Rest Period Between Stages. Originates From Dissolution of Oedipus Complex, And Child Realises Wishes Can't Be Fullfilled So They Will Create New Desires, During This Stage Normally They Will Start To Form Relationships With The Same Sex Parent. Fixation Will Lead To:

The Child Will Have Problems With Adjusting To A Group, Lack of Interest, School Phobias & Extreme Homesickness. However If The Oedipal Problem Is Resolved, The Latency Phase Will Also Bring Along New Problems of Their Own, Like Gang Formation, Rebellion Against Authority & Beginnings of Delinquency.

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