French Useful Vocab - am i fit and healthy?

Useful vocab/guidelines for anyone doing the 'Am I Fit and Healthy' coursework or speech.

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Je vais parler de ma forme physique et la santé.

I am going to speak about my fitness and health.

Je voudrais parler de mon état de santé général.

I would like to speak about my general health.

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Food and nutrition

-say what you have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner - normally.


Normalement; pour mon petit-dejeuner, je mange des tartines avec les confiture et je boi du lait.

Normally, for my breakfast, i eat some toast with jam and i drink milk.

repeat this for lunch and dinner, changing the food items of course.

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Food & Nutrition (continued)

To get extra marks say what times of the day you eat these meals at and with whom, and where.

so for example:

Je mange mon diner à environ sept heures dans ma maison, avec mes parents.

I eat my diner at about seven oclock in my house, with my parents.

Also on the subject of food & nutrition - to get even more marks; say whether you think you are a healthy eater or not.

example:Je pense que, je mange pleins de la nourriture sain, mais quelquefois je mange de la nourriture avec trop sucre.

I think that I eat a lot of healthy food, but sometimes I eat food with too much sugar.

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Sports & exercise

Talk about what sports you normally do

and for how long.


Normalement, je faire du l'excercise pour 4 heures par semaine. Par exemple; je faire du l'E.P.S pour une heure, et le samedi, je faire du badminton dans le parc pour trois heures.

Normally i do exercise for four hours per week. For example, i do P.E for one hour and on saturday i do badminton in the park for three hours.

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To get extra marks talk about whether you smoke, drink, eat too much fast food, etc.

Je ne fume pas - i do not smoke

parce-que je trouve que, c'est très dégoûtant - because i find that it is very disgusting.


Je fume - i smoke

Parce-que il est relaxant -because it is relaxing.

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Drinking, etc

Je ne boi pas d'alcool - i do not drink alcohol

....then follow the same format(parce que....)

Je pense que, je mange trop de fast-food, parce que c'est practique et on peut mange quand on veut.

- I think that i eat too much fast food, because it is practical and one can eat when one wants.

(this is a really good phrase to use in your speech/coursework)

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The future

Talk about how your fitness in the futrue, what you hope to do/achieve.

L'anee prochain, j'aimerais plus sain. - Next year i would like to be more healthy.

Je voudrais à faire plus de sport, à l'avenir -I would like to do more sports in the future.

good luck, hope this is helpful :)

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this has helped me by getting some useful sentences for my CA in a few weeks! Thanks!

Shivani Bhavika


really good thankyou!!



Thank you. Really useful for my CA tomorrow :)

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