French keywords

French keywords needed to know for the exam

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French vocab

Un peu- a bit

Selon- according to

toute sorte de- all kinds of


Comme- as, like

a cause de- because of

en plus-besides



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French vocab

cadette- middle child

benjamine- thrid child

j'aimerias- i would like

partir- to leave

aller- to go

j'irai- i will go

elle ira- she will go

chez- at

sentir- to smell

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French vocab


Bien sur- of course

d'autre part- on the other hand

en revanche- on the other hand

seulement- only

Ou- or

Ou- where

On dit que- people say that

vraiment- really

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French vocab

Malade- ill

Je devrai- i will have too

Veuvent- they want

Partage- to sahre

Un quartier- neighbourhood

Mes parents avaient- my parents had

J'avais- i had

La vaiselle- the dishes

Faire la vaiselle- to do the washing up

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French vocab

Certains pensent que- some people think that


La meilleure- the good thing is that

Puis- then

Alors- so, then

il y a- there is, there are

en troisieme lieu

pour conclure- to conclude

Pour commencer- to start with

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French vocab

trop- too

trop de- too much

Malheureusement- unfortunatley

d'habitude- usuall

tres- very

ce qui est- which is

ce que je n'aime pas, c'est- what i don't like is

ce qui m'agrace, c'est- what irrates me  is

ce qui m'embete-which annoys me

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French vocab

ce qui me passionne-which fascinates me

ce qui m'interesse-which intrests me

ce qui est- which irritates me

ce qui me fatique- which makes me tired

pendant que-while

on peut trouver- you can find

on peut dire que- you can say that

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French vocab

le broit- the noise

Heuresement- unfortunatley

sortie- exit

sortir- to go out

banlieue- outskirts/suburbs

amical (e)- friendly

amicaux- plural form

une meilleure-best

sur- on

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French vocab

a- has

a ( with an accent)- at

je mets- i lay

je mets- i put

En deuxieme lieu- secondly

Pluisque- since, because

Certains disent que- some people say that

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French vocab

sesentent-to feel

elle se sesentent- they feel

a l'aise- at ease

 je trouve- i find that


sans- without

quand- when

notre- ours

peut-etre- perhaps, maybe

prendre- to take

faire- to do

je me leve- i get up


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French vocab

d'abord- first of all

Pourtant- however

Je trouve que- i find that

j'ai horreur de- i hate

Je pense que- i think that

Si- if

A mon avis- in my opinion

Malgre- in spite of

A la fin- in the end

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French vocab

ca m'ennuie- it bores me

il manque de- it's lacking

ca me fatique- it makes me tired

c'est vrai que- it's true that


plein de- lots of

beacoup de-lots of


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