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as .... as

You're using the comparative when you say: more... (than), less... (than) or as… (as).

The words in French are:

  • plus… (que) --> more... (than)
  • moins… (que) --> less... (than)
  • aussi… (que) --> as… (as
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You're using the superlative when you say that something is the best, the mostbeautiful, the tallest or the least expensive.

The words in French are:

  • le/ la / les plus... --> the most...
  • le/ la / les moins… --> the least...

You just have to put an adjective or an adverb after le /la / les plus or le /la / les moins:

  • Adèle est la plus grande de la famille (Adèle is the tallest in the family)
  • J'ai acheté la voiture la moins chère (I bought the cheapest car)
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