French AS Vocab-Des Ados

des ados

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Des Ados- Les Conflts

proctecteur/trice à l'excès- over protective

puberté- puberty

rebelle- rebel

se rebeller contre- to rebel against

rechigner (m)- to look sour

reproche (M)- critisim

respecter- to respect

se révolter- to rebel

sentiment (m)- feeling

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se sentir brimé/e- to feel got at

              incompris/e- to feel misunderstood

sévère- strict

soucis (m)- care/worry

soutenir- to support

surprotéger- to over-protect

traiter- to treat

uni/e- united

valueurs (fpl) familiales- family values

les jeunes désoeuvrés- young people with nothing to do

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sentiments contradictoires- conflicting emotions

rompre avec son enfance- to breal with one's childhood

la transmissio des valeurs traditionelles- the passing on of traditional values

s'enfermer dans la chambre- to shut oneself away in the bedroom

mes parents dramatisent trop- my parents overreact

avoir des rapports tendus avec- to have a strained relationship with

les parents sont responsables de- parents are responsible for

quitter le foyer familial- to leave home

ils n'arrêtent pas de faire des remarques- they're always nagging

privê/e d'affection- emotionally deprived

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thankyou, very good!

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Your french resources are so good, much better range of vocab than the textbooks we have :) thanks!

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