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Bonjour jem'appelle cally et j'ai treize ans. j'ai les yeux et les cheveux blonds et courts.

(hello my name is cally i am thirteen years old i have blue eyes and blond hair.)

Normalement, le weekend, je fais la grasse matinee. je prends mon petit-dejeuner.

(normally on weekends i sleep late. i make breakfast)

le soir, je suis allee au restaurant avec ma famille. j'etais tres fatiguee mais super contente

(in the evening, i went with familly to a restaurant. i was very tired but really happy)

dimanche prochain, le matin, je vais fais mes devoirs. le soir, nous allons voir un film au cinmea

ecris moi vite!

(next sunday i will do my home work. in the evening we will see a movie at the cinema. email me back soon)

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there are a couple of mistakes here. When speaking in the past you have to make sure you know which tense it is-perfect or imperfect in this case your doing an ongoing action which means you use the imperfect rather than the perfect. So instead of je suis alle it would be j'allais. Hope that helps :)

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