Freeman et al 1980

The study done on ECT, a treatment of the biological model of abnormality

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To investigate the extent of memory loss as a result of having ECT

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  • An ECT group who believed they suffered memory loss as a result of the ECT they had between 9 months - 30 years after, was compared to a control group that hadn't had ECT
  • They were all assessed on cognitive functioning (memory tests), depression and a self-assessment of memory difficulties
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They found that:

- ECT group were more depressed than the controls

- Some of the ECT group claimed bad memory at the time of the treatment, some claimed retrograde amnesia (before ECT) and some anterograde amnesia (after ECT).

- ECT group scored significantly worse than the controls on memories of their own past and the ability to put names to faces

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They concluded that ECT can cause significant memory loss, but, depression can lead to poor memory too.

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