Fraser Island

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Fraser Island

Location: Along Australian coast, Queensland Coast

Size: 120Km in Length 24Km in Width 

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What to do?

Fraser Island is an exceptionally beautiful island with white beaches and over 100 freshwater lakes an example is Lake Mckenzie and Lake Wabby

Explore thick rainforests.

Go visit Indian Head

To go see Dingoes in their own natural enviroment. It is said they are the purest bred on Fraser Island.

To see Central Station, previous centre of logging when it still occured on Fraser Island. It is now a popular tourist destination.

To go treking, the 90Km walk: Fraser Island Great Walk

To go camping, popular points are Waddy Point and Waddy beach.

Fishing on the island is popular, only 30 fish are allowed to be kept per person (reduces loss of biodiversity). Additionally a closed season (in parts of the headlands) from August to September to allow spawning.

4x4 tour, driving 4 by 4 cars along the beach seeing the sights and scenery. One of the few activities that releases CO2.

Visit the Maheno Shipwreck.

Air Fraser, a tour of Fraser Island via the air/helicopter this is an activity that releases CO2.

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Fraser Island & World Heritage Status

This status means that it is seen as a site of outstanding natural and cultural significance. It was put on the World heritage list in 1922 for it's natural values.

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How is it sustainable?

As a substainable development, it  will maintain CO2 levels and balance them out. In  a few years the island will still be a tourist spot.Fraser Island is a substainable development because of several reasons.

It has a recycling program, paper, glass, aluminium and metal are all recycled.

An on-site worm farm turns sewage, waste paper and kitchen preparation scraps into compost for gardens.

As well as the purchasing of green products.

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The benefits

  • Fraser Island provides employment, hires locals.
  • Purchases local goods and services.
  • Sponsors local events and charities
  • Fraser Island helps to teach tourists about the importance of preserving the enviroment
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The disadvantages

  • Tourism will ultimately led to destruction of the island
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