Frankenstein Themes and Quotes

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  • "The dazzeling light vanished, the oak had dissappeared and nothing remained but a blasted stump"
  • "Lightnings play upon the summit of Mont Blanc in the most beautiful figures"
  • " I am a blasted tree, the bolt has entered my soul"
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Biblical References

  • "Have aquired new and almost unlimited powers"
  • "Command the thunders of heaven"
  • "I ought to be thy Adam"
  • "Did I request thee maker from my clay mould me man?" - Paridise Lost
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  • "My eyes were insensible to the charms of nature"
  • "A fatal prejudice clouds their eyes"
  • "They behold only a detestable monster"
  • "Absent myself from all I loved while thus employed"
  • "Am I not shunned and hated by all mankind?"
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The Double

  • "I was left nto struggle with a child's blindness"
  • "I am a blasted tree, the bolt has entered my soul"
  • "I sat down and wept" - Monster after creation 
  • "Only a human being or a humaniod can be a true monster" - Reichart

Victor uses literature to learn about science and the monster, about people and society 

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The Critique of Society

  • "Men appear to me as monsters thirsting for each other's blood"
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  • "To unexplored regions"
  • "Bestowing animation upon lifeless matter"
  • "The worm inhibits the eye"
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Victor's self hate

  • "I am a blasted tree, the bolt has entered my soul"
  • "I ought to render him happy before I complained of his wickedness"
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