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Walton's first letter

  • you have regarded with such evil forebodings
  • increasing confidence in the success of my undertaking
  • already far north of London
  • cold northern breeze play upon my cheeks 
  • icy climes
  • inspiritied by this wind of promise 
  • a land surpassing in wonders and in beauty
  • a thousand celestial observations
  • part of the world never before visited 
  • conquer all fear of danger or death
  • glow with an enthusiasm which elevates me to heaven 
  • my education was neglected 
  • do I not deserve to accomplish some great purpose 
  • I preferred glory to every enticement that wealth placed in my path
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Walton's second letter

  • How slowly the time passes here 
  • encompassed as I am by frost and snow
  • bitterly feel the want of a friend 
  • it is a still greater evil to me that I am self-educated 
  • my voyage is only now delayed until the weather shall permit my embarkation
  • I cannot describe to you my sensations 
  • impossible to communicate to you a conception of the trembling sensation, half pleasurable and half fearful
  • I am preparing to depart
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Walton's third letter

  • I write a few lines in haste, to say that I am safe
  • floating sheets of ice
  • dangers of the region towards which we are advancing 
  • I so ardently desire to attain 
  • I will not rashly encounter danger
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Walton's final letter

  • surrounded by ice...a very thick fog
  • stretched out in every direction, vast and irregular plains of ice, which seemed to have no end
  • watchful with anxious thoughts
  • a man on the brink of destruction
  • never saw a man in so wretched a condition
  • countenance instantly assumed an aspect of the deepest gloom
  • constant and deep grief fills me with sympathy and compassion 
  • his words are culled with the choicest art, yet they flow with rapidity and unparalleled eloquence
  • not so utterly occupied by his own misery
  • 'I have lost everything, and cannot begin life anew' VF to Walton
  • calm settled grief
  • he will be like a celestial spirit, that has a halo around him
  • 'you seek for knowledge and wisdom, as I once did'
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Chapter 1

  • my family is one of the most distinguished 
  • honour and reputation
  • devoted himself to the education of his children
  • No creature could have more tender parents than mine
  • docile and good...playful as a summer insect
  • the most fragile creature in the world
  • No youth could have passed more happily than mine
  • I feel pleasure in dwelling on the recollections of childhood, before misfortune had tainted my mind
  • fatal impulse that led to my ruin
  • my dreams were therefore undisturbed by reality
  • banish disease from the human frame
  • render man invulnerable to any but a violent death
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Chapter 2

  • the first misfortune of my life occured 
  • On her death-bed the fortitude and benignity of this admirable woman did not desert her
  • My mother was dead, but we had duties which we ought to perform 
  • one remains who the spoiler has not seized
  • as I proceeded, my spirits and hopes rose
  • M. Kremp...a little squat man, with a gruff voice and repulsive countenance 
  • Such were my reflections during the first two or three days spent almost in solitude 
  • deliver sentences out of a pulpit 
  • M. Waldman... greatest benevolence...his voice the sweetest I had ever heard 
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Chapter 3

  • intrinsic love for the science itself 
  • To examine the causes of life, we must first have a recourse to death
  • I am not recording the vision of a madman
  • bestowing animation upon lifeless matter 
  • at last my work be imperfect 
  • I was encouraged to hope my present attempts would at least lay the foundations of future success.
  • Life and death appeared to me ideal bounds
  • torrent of light into our dark world
  • emaciated with confinement 
  • to have lost all soul or sensation
  • tremendous secrets of the human frame 
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Chapter 4

  • anxiety that almost amounted to agony
  • How can I describe my emotions at this catastrophe 
  • these luxuriances only formed a more horrid contrast with his watery eyes
  • I had desired it with an ardour that far exceeded moderation
  • beauty of the dream vanished 
  • breathless horror and disgust filled my heart 
  • dismal and wet
  • I trembled excessively
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Chapter 5

  • I cannot describe to you the uneasiness we have all felt concerning your health
  • He meant to please, and he tormented me
  • I loved him with a mixture of affection and reverence that knew no bounds
  • my health and spirits had long been restored
  • My own spirits were high, and I bounded along with feelings of unbridled joy and hilarity
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Chapter 6

  • tears and wretchedness
  • William is dead!
  • he is murdered 
  • livid and motionless: the print of the murderer's finger was on his neck 
  • not brooding thoughts of vengence against the assassin
  • instead festering wounds of our minds
  • not with hatred for your enemies 
  • I wept like a child 
  • Yet, as I drew nearer home, grief and fear again overcame me 
  • lightnings playing on the summit of Mont Blanc in the most beautiful figures 
  • The storm appeared to approach rapidly 
  • A flash of lightning illuminated the object
  • the filthy daemon to whom I had given life
  • He was the murderer! I could not doubt it
  • The thunder ceased 
  • No one can conceive the anguish I suffered during the remainder of the night 
  • Six years before she had been pretty, good-humoured girl, whom everyone loved 
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Chapter 7

  • During the whole of this wretched mockery of justice, I suffered living torture
  • My own agitation and anguish was extreme during the whole trial
  • in his hellish sport have betrayed the innocent to death and ignominy
  • I could not sustain the horror of my situation
  • I rushed out of the court in agony
  • The tortures of the accused did not equal mine
  • but the fangs of remorse tore my bosom
  • the poor victim
  • The God of heaven forgive me
  • I bore a hell within me
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Volume 2: Chapter 1

  • dead calmness of inaction
  • The blood flowed freely in my veins
  • weight of despair and remorse pressed on my heart
  • This state of mind preyed upon my health
  • shunned the face of man
  • deep, dark, death-like solitude
  • gave way to my own miserable reflections
  • I was tempted to plunge into the silent lake
  • Remorse extinguished every hope
  • I lived in daily fear
  • My abhorrence of this fiend cannot be conveived 
  • extinguish that life which I had so thoughtlessly bestowed
  • my hatred and revenge burst all bounds of moderation
  • Ruined castles hanging on the precipices...the mighty alps... white and shining pyramids
  • habitations of another race 
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Chapter 2

  • These sublime and magnificent scenes afforded me the greatest consolation that I was capable of receiving 
  • ever-moving glacier had produced upon my mind when I first saw it
  • A mist covered both that and the surrounding mountains 
  • Mont Blanc, in awful majesty 
  • close with him in mortal combat
  • disdain and malignity...unearthly ugliness
  • furious detestation and contempt
  • 'restore those victims whom you have so diabolically murdered!'
  • I will glut the maw of death, until it be saitated with the blood of your remaining friends
  • I am thy creature: I ought to be thy Adam 
  • the fallen angel
  • my soul glowed with love an humanity: but am I not alone, miserably alone?
  • Oh, praise the eternal justice of man
  • the author of your own speedy ruin
  • My heart was full
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Chapter 3

  • Darkness then came over me
  • light poured in upon me
  • Before, dark and opaque bodies had surrounded me
  • The light became more and more oppressive 
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Chapter 8

  • Cursed, cursed creator! Why did I live?
  • I rushed from my hiding place
  • saved her, and dragged her to shore
  • to restore animation
  • This was then the reward of my benevolence
  • hellish rage and gnashing of teeth
  • eternal hatred and vengeance to all mankind
  • this little creature was unprejudiced 
  • imbibed a horror of deformity 
  • despair to my heart 
  • my heart swelled with exultation and hellish triumph
  • she shall not escape
  • I have learned to work mischief 
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Volume 3 Chapter 1

  • shifting colours
  • descent of the evening star, nor the golden sun-rise
  • willowy islands, and saw several beautiful towns
  • black woods, high and inaccessible 
  • tremendous precipices 
  • verdant islands that relieve the eye
  • majestic and strange...divine river
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Chapter 3

  • lived loathed his own deformity 
  • heart failed within me
  • light of the moon
  • detestation and scorn
  • You hours will pass in dread and misery, and soon the bolt will fall which must ravish from you your happiness forever
  • revenge remains
  • my tyrant and tormentor, shall curse the sun that gazes on your misery
  • I will watch with the wiliness of a snake, that I may sting with its venom. Man, you shall repent of the injuries you inflict
  • I burned with rage to pursue the murderer of my peace
  • my imagination conjured up a thousand images to torment and sting me
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Chapter 7

  • I swear to pursue that daemon
  • Let the cursed and hellish monster drink deep of agony
  • rage choaked my utterance
  • I felt as if all hell surrounded me with mockery and laughter 
  • task enjoined by heavan
  • calling on heaven to support me
  • distinguished from land by its superior wildness and ruggedness
  • hailed with rapture 
  • exclamations of grief and horror
  • I had cast off all feeling, subdued all anguish to riot in the excess of my despair 
  • happiness and affection are turned into bitter and loathing despair 
  • miserable and abandoned 
  • I shall die
  • lost in darkness and distance 
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