Frankenstein quotes

Key quotes to remember for the AS exam which covers a broad range of topics

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'the fatal impulse that led to my ruin'

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'the genius that has regulated my fate'

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'an omen'

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'celestial being'

'my more than sister'

'an inmate in my house'

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Pursuing the sciences

'chemistry... became nearly my soul occupation'

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Pursuing the sciences

'professor's words... enounced to destroy me'

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Pursuing the sciences

'decided my future destiny'

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Victor's description of the creature/monster



'vile insect'

'selected his features as beautiful'

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Setting and the sublime

'wonderful and sublime'

'my own beautiful lake'

'magnificent Mount Blanc'

'a dreary night'

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'scene so beautiful and heavenly'
Description of Geneva

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Views of the creature/monster

'Who was I?' - when the creature reads about history

'outcast in the world forever'

'malicious because I am miserable'

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Natural world

'For some weeks I led a miserable life in the woods' - when the creature tells his story

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'domestic circle'

'a solitary chamber'- the lab

'workshop of filthy creation'- the lab

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Arctic and ice

'Immense and rugged mountains of ice'

'Thunder of the ground sea which threatened my destruction'

'tumultuous sea'

'endure cold and peril'

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