Form and structure for Othello

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Reversal and repetitions

Lago has a downfall and is known as a scoundrel

Tragic and protagonist partially redeems himself, recognizes and destroys himself

Othello becomes like Lago, of which he is an destructive revenger

In the first three acts Lago shows to become the dominate character

Repeated words and phrases ("honest")

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There is no subplot within the play

Located in a single bedroom on stage centred othello

Characters are within a tight social network with defined positions and roles

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  • symbol of othello and desdemonas love
  • War with the Turks, uneasy atmosphere in garrison town civilization vs heathen world


  • order
  • power
  • wealth
  • culturally sophisticated
  • othello gains power and wealth within
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Trifle has dramatic significance (deception and lack of knowledge)

Long scenes of painful exchanges/confrontations are punctuated by short scenes of violence

Handchief is abused as it is handed from Emilia to her husband

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Elegant and the higher class tend to talk in the form of blank verse

Characters with a lower social scale talk in the form of prose

Nobles speak in unrhymee iambic pentameter (blank verse)

Lago speaks one in third lines showing dominance as a villain. Solloquies are evil and infection

Othello poetic speech in blank verse. He uses military imagery. Uses disjointed prose and third person viewpoint when mind is poisoned by Lago

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