Forensic Psychology A2

Penrod, Pennington

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Effect of ordering on jurors verdicts - Pennington

Aim: Primary/recency effect on witness testimony? (and confidence)


# Lab exp, simulated courtroom procedure

# 192 Undergrad students (96M: 96F) Some heard witnesses give 'guilty' testimonies first, others heard 'innocnet' -Same material, different order 

# Reach guilty or not guilty verdict and rate confidence

Results: Guilty witness first produced more guilty verdicts, also more confident in judgements suggesting strong primary effects in courtroom decision making

Evaluation: # Lab experiment used therfore has scientific credibility

# Lacks generalisability due to students being used

# Paid students therfore social desirability/demand charachteristics come into question 

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Witness confidence - Penrod

Aim: examine factors, e.g. confidence that jurors may consider when evaluating eyewitness identification 

Participants- undergraduates... elegible and experienced jurors


videotaped mock trial robbery , eyewitness identification key to trail; witness testified 80/ 100% confident they'd identified robber

Results: 100% confidence- 67 % conviction, 80% conf- 60% conviction

conclusion: more confient the witness, more likely jury were to believe them


# Low in eco validity due to videotape

# Students were used so therefore cannot be genralised  

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