Foreign policy


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The fear of encirclment


  • Knew he was unequal to the forces of spain
  • Eupoean caths were wary of Henrys motives and this caused some tension
  • financiely it would ruin an already temprementel France
  • weak alliences as unlike spain in the FWR unable to gain alliences with countries like Italy

How H dealt with it

  • Aliences with the German pronces and united provinces who were also wary of spanish invasion (being prot)
  • He attempted to regain influence in europe such as his marrige to Mare de madici the daughter of Duc of Tuscany(who he owed munz to) and gave him an aly in italy
  • He also won the allience with popery from his assistance with jesuits in france and he settled disputes between Venice whcihg gained him another ally and alliances on spanish road
  • Also got a allience with Swiss and Savoy and Duc of Savoy gasve over places which strangled the spanish road

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relation with spain and frontiers

  •  Militarily, the king secured territorial gains for France in the southeast at the expense of the Duchy of Savoy;
  • with Sully's help, he also substantially upgraded the country's armaments industry and invested heavily in fortification construction along the frontiers in the north and order to protect from spansih invation fromt heir road

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Clever Julcik Affair

  • After the death of Duc John William 
  • Henry IV lusted towards the young Charlotte Montmorency who was 15
  • She however married Prince Henry II 
  • Henry however still maintained dilliance with his bride and so he moved to the spanish nethelands 
  • Henry angry demanded the spansih rulers to return CM
  • When they refused he annonced his iuntention to invade Julicj Clever but he died before he could go to war 
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