Foreign Policy 1922-1940

How successful in achieving grand aims of: Rebuilding Roman Empire, making Italy 'great, respected and feared' on the International Stage and redressing the Treaty of Versailles and Italian Imperial expansion?

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Early Foreign Policy 1922-1930s

Moderate, limited FP, minor successes but prestige and diplomatic success

Corfu 1923.

  • Bombarded by Italian Navy and then occupied.
  • Forced to retreat by Britain and France.
  • Why: Italian general Tellini assassinated in Corfu= M invaded. Corfu refused to apologise but paid 50 million lira compensation to Italy.
  • FAILURE (weak)
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Fiume 1924.

  • Mussolini bargained with Yugoslavia.
  • Original occupation 1919 failed: wanted it back.
  • No violence used.
  • Seen as a success.
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Locarno Pact 1925

  • Guaranteed integrity of N. European frontiers.
  • Mussolini posed as major European statesman: propaganda value.
  • Won support of Britain and France.
  • Success
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Albania 1926

  • 1924: Ahmed Zog took Italian control of Albania.
  • Friendship treaty.
  • First step in Fascist imperial expansion..
  • Not complete control but Albania virtually a satellite state.
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Kellogg-Briand Pact


  • Outlawed another war.
  • The 65 countries who signed said that they wanted peace.
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