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Industry- Ford in Industry

Ford Motor Company facts

- is the world's second largest car manufacturer

- employs over 300,000 people worldwide

- they make, Jaguars, Land Rover, Aston Martins and many more
(they also make trucks)

- the Ford Motor Company was started by Henry Ford

- it was started in 1903 with only 10 employees


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Ford in Industry

By the late 1990s Ford was:

- manufacturing and assembling cars worldwide

- locating new factories in LEDCs

- making different parts for different models in different countries

- facing competition


Did you Know??
Ford sold over 7 million vehicles in 2001, over half a million cars were sold in India in 2001.

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Ford India

In 1995 Ford went into partnership with Mahindra in India. 4 years later they opened an intergrated high tech manufacturing plant at Maraimalia Nagar which is 45km north of Chennai in 1999. The site is huge and covers 140 hectares. It can make up to 100,000 vehicles a year.

Ford India facts:

- Ford employs about 180,000 people at the Maraimalai plant.

- has 94 indian suppliers

- has 33 dealerships in India

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What about people and the environment?

Ford India pays it's workers more than other workers in similar industries in India

All workers are offered training.

Almost 3/4 of the goods and services that Ford India buy come from India. Also over 70% of these come from the Chennai area. 

Ford India choose to contribute towards development projects. such as;-

-health centres
- disaster relief

Ford India is working towards the sustainable use of resources such as;- 

- water (there is a shortage of water around Chennai)
- energy in it's production process

Ford India treats all the waste water from it's plant, it is then reused. 
The cars are designed to be more environmentally friendly, during use and after their life. 85% of the materials used in the cars can be recycled or dismantled

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