Forces and Friction

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Moving objects experience friction

When two objects move they both experience a force in the direction that opposes movement- FRICTION.

Friction is a reaction force.

Friction will match the size of the force trying to move the object up to a certain point where there will be less friction and the object can move. 

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Friction between gripping solid surfaces

This type of friction lets you walk around.

The friction between feet and shoes on the fround allows you to push against it and move forward. 

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Friction between sliding solid surfaces

E,g, Parts of an engine.

Ways to reduce this:

Use a lubricant like oil or grease.

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Drag from fluids

A fluid is a liquid or gas. 

An object moving through a fluid has to get past all of the molecules in the fluid whic causes FRICTION.

A big object experiences more resistance than a streamlined object.

Drag only happens in a fluid.

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Miss KHP


This revision source is specifically designed for OCR but it is good for all exam boards as friction is something that is studied in each of them- just to different extents.

Friction is something that students tend to find difficult, so have a quick read of these notes and then test yourself to see what your strengths are and what you need to work on.

It mentions some key things such as what a fluid is.

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