Forces and energy

Taken from the syllabus this is some quick and easy notes on forces and energy 

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Work is done when a force causes an object to move through a distance 

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The relationship between work done W, force F and distance d moved in the direction of the force is 

W=F x d 

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Work done

Work done against fictional forces causes transfer by heating 

Should be able to discuss the transfer of kinetic energy in some situations

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Relationship between power

Relationship between power, P, work done or energy transferred W and time t is: 

P=1 over F 

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Relationship between gravitational energy

Work between gravitational energy Ep, mass m, gravitational field strength 

Ep = m x g x h 

Should understand that when an object is raised vertically work is done against gravitaional force and the object gains gravitational potential energy 

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Relationship between kinetic energy

The relationship between Kinetic energy Ek, mass m and speed V is: 

Ek= 1/2 x m x v(squared) 

An object double the mass of another object travelling with the same speed will have double the kinetic energy 

An object travelling at double the speed of another object with the same mass will have four times the kinetic energy. 

Idea in the context of road and safety 

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