Food words 81 - 90

words 81 to 90


A recyclable material is one that could be recycled fairly easily

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Red tractor symbol

A symbol showing that foos can be traced to the farm it came from and that the producers meet standards for safety, animal welfare and enviromental protection

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A renerable resource is one that's replaced by natural processes as fast as it is used up by humans e.g. softwood trees ina plantation

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Things you need to make new porducts 

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Risk assessment

Identifying potential hazards and the precautions needed to minimise risks before work starts

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A bacteria that causes food poisoning and is often found in eggs and chicken

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Saturated fats

A group of fats that come mainly from animal sources and are solid or semi-solid at room temp. Eating to much of them can increase your risk of heart disease

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Sensory analysis

Tasting samples of food and rating how good they are in various ways

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Shelf life

The lenght of time a product can last without going off or losing its quality 

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The effect of adding fat to a floury mixture giving a product a crumbly texture

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