Food words 71 - 80

food words 71 to 80

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Organic crops grow without using an artifical pesticides or fertilisers. Organic meat is produced to very high welfare standards and without artifical growth hormones or the regular ue of antibiotics

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How pleasant the taste of a food is

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A natural gelling agent found in some fruits

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Something added to food to slow the growth of bacteria so that food lasts longer

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Too make food last longer

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Product specification

A detailed description of how the product should look (including measurments) and taste - it also included what ingridients will be used

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A full-sized one off model of a design. A prototype is made so that you can check you're completely happy wth the prodcut before making lots of it

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Quality control

Checking that the standards you have set for the qualitly of a product is met

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Raising agent

Something that releases bubbles of gas that expand when heated. Raising agents are used to make cake and dough mixuters rise

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Recommended daily amounts RDAs

How much of certain vitamins and minerals an average adult needs each day

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