Food words 31 - 40

The 31st to the 4oth words in the revision guide

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Adding something like butter or cream to make it thicker and tastier

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Coating a food product in something e.g. a thin layer of chocolate

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Enzymic browning

The reaction that happens when fruit is sliced open and left uncovered - the surface area turns brown

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Essential Amino acids

Amino acids that the body can't make itself so needs it form your diet

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Ethical issue

A moral issue - when many people have views about whether something is morally right or wrong

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Sending back infromation often so that a person or a computer can moniter whether a process is working as it should

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When yeast breaks down sugars to release carbon dioxide and alcohol

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Finishing techniques

Techniques that are used to make the finished product look as good as possible e.g. glazing

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Five a day

The goverment recommends that everyone should eat at least 5 portions of different fruits or vegetables everyday in order to be healthly

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Food miles

The distance a product travels from where it's produced to where it's sold

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