Food words 21 - 30

Food words 21 to 30

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Danger zone

The range of temp 5oC to 63oC in whihc bacteria mulitplies very quickly

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Design breif

A short statement explaining why there is a need for a new product

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Design criteria

The general characterisitcs a product should have e.g. appealling to children. A list of design criteria is sometimes called a design specification

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When the quality of food decreases or it goes off

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Taking a product apart

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Inactive,  a bit like a deep sleep - bacteria become dormant in frozen food

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E number

A number given to an additive when it passes EU safety tests. The additive can then be used in food throughout the EU.

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Eat well plate

Goverment healthy eating guidelines in the form of a pie chart which shows how much or little of each food group you should eat.

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Something that keeps an oily and watery mixutre stable - stops it seperating into two layers

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A mixture of oliy and watery liquids e.g. salad dressing

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