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Chemical Test for Starch

Two drops of Iodine Solution added to the food solution. If starch is present then the solution will go black/blue.

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Chemical test for glucose

A few drops of Benedict's solution to the food solution. Put the solution in a tub of heated water. If the solution precipitates orange red colour then glucose is present in the food 

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Chemical test for Fats

Add 2cm cubed of ethanol to the food solution. shake it. 

Add 2 cubed cm of water and shake again.

When fat is present the solution will turn cloudy

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Chemical test for Protein

Add weak Copper Sulphate to the food solution.

Add a few drops of Sodium hydroxide to the solution.

If protein is present the solution will gradually turn purple

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Test for Carbon Dioxide

The is for Carbon Dioxide is limewater. The limewater turns cloudy

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Water Vapour

The test for Water Vapour

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