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coagulation is where something sets firm for example an egg yolk goes hard when it is cooked this is coagulation

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gelatinisation is where you thicken things using starch such as sauce or custard

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emulsification is where two luiquids that arnet normaly mixed are binded toeghther such as mayyonaise mayyonaise is vinegar and oil bined together by egg

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standard component and staple foods

a standard component is a pre-made food you would add to other foods for example adding sauce to pasta the sauce would be the standard component a staple food is one that is consumed a lot therefore it is made in mass production on a production line

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MSG is something you add to food to make it taste better.

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non-starch-polysacchrides means fibre fibre or non-startch polysacchrides can be found in fruit

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the eat well plate

the eat well plate is a plate that shows you how much of each food group you should eat in a balanced diet  

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this is what each fod group on the eat well plate

fibre- fibre or non-startch ploysacchrides is found in fruit and is needed to help your digestive system  prevent constipation

carbohydrates/starchy food- found in pasta and bread rice and pataoe give you energy

protien- protien is found in eggs fish meat beans and they help your body with growth and repair

milk and dairy foods found in yogurt milk cheese are needed for calcium which helps your bones and teeth 

foods high in fat and sugar can be found in junk food crisps chocolate and are used to give you energy

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