food tech B

part b

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packaging information

it is legal to lable packaging

product name - include type - processed or not - pictures not miss lead - list of ingridients - all should be there, weight and volume - instructions of use - storage - manufactour name - allergie information

if package can be recylced

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packaging materials

food is packed for many reasons and cosumers are becoming more aware and concerned about effect food packaging is having on the enviroment. the amount of waste that food packaging produces every year is huge and a lot is not recyleble

it must not be - dangours to human health - cause food deteriation - unaccetable changes in quality of products

main packaging - metals - glass - card - paperboad - plastic - tin plate - alumminium

advanterages - strong, thick, moulded, light, recyable

disadvanterages - react with food

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sensory testing

is an important part of product development. important at - research - design development stage.

how do i carry out sensory testing - in industry specialist testing booths are used always. invite at least 10 testers. set up a clean area. quiet. not smelly. right equipment. use desciptions. samples - same size, same type of dishes, coded, water have a perpared testing results


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standard components in food processing

pizza base

ready to roll icing

stock cubes

ready made pastery

fruit fillings in pies


saze time, cost less overall, less effort

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uses of additives

used to

preserve - extend shelf life

emulsifier - stops oil & water seperating

anti-oxidant - stop fats going off

thinkening & gelling - achieve a range of texture

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personal hygiene

wear clean protective clothes

hair back/up

clean hands before handling food

cover all cuts with blue waterproof plasters

finger nails short

no smoking/chewing near food

report any illness

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quality control

  • temp of food
  • pH levels
  • moisture content
  • thickness
  • colour
  • weight
  • rate of flow
  • timing of cooking and cooling
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methods of production


small scale prodution, make specific numbers only small amount of people involved


large amount of the same food produced, automatic large amount of equipment

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food storage

freezing - -18 - -2  - perserve food between 1 week and a year(depends on food)

chilling - 0-5 doesnt perserve food, extends shelf life

^ most popular


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uses of equipment

electronic scales - measure accuratley

food processers - have range of attachments carry out many tasks

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starch and gelatisation

starch forms structure

when heated in liquid starch softens, granuels swell, thicken product

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