food chain

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Energy transfer along a food chain

Producers-plant which make their food

herbivore-animal that eats plants only

carnivore-animal that eats meat only

primary consumer-feeds on producer

secondary consumer-feeds on primary consumer

where does energy on earth come from? The sun

How do living things use energy?

  • respiration
  • waste product
  • to keep warm
  • adds to body mass

only 10% of biomass is added after being eaten

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Pyramid of biomass

A pyramid of biomass shows the mass of living things at each stage of the food chain. biomass is the mass of living material in a plant or an animal.

The amount of biomass at each stage of the food chain is less than it was at before because:

  • not all organisms at one stage are eaten by the stage above;
  • some material taken in is passed out as waste e.g. CO2, urine and faeces
  • some of the biomass is used in respiration to release energy for movement, growth, keeping warm. some energy is lost to its surroundings.
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