Food And Digestion (Unit A)

use these notes to revise the; Digestive system ,Food Tests ,Food Groups ,Food Lables ,Enzymes and how to achive a Balanced Diet.

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Balanced Diet

A balanced diet should consist of five groups:

1 Vitamins & Minerals - eg fruit ---------------------2 Fibre - eg vegetables & cereal

3 Fats - eg oils ------------------------------------------ 4 Carbohydrates eg bread & pasta

5 Protein - eg nuts, meat/meat alternative & fish


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The Digestive System


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Food Lables

Food labels give you information that can help you decide what to choose as part of an overall healthy eating plan.


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Enzymes are biological catalysts - catalysts are substances that increase the rate of chemical reactions without being used up.

Enzymes in digestion

enzymereaction catalysed

amylase starch → sugars (

protease proteins → amino acids

lipase lipids → fatty acids + glycerol

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Food Test

testing for......

sugars + benedicts solution + heat = Change of colour

starch + iodine solution (no heat) = Colour change

protein + sodium hydroxide + dilute copper sulfate = colour change

fats + sudan 3 = gone red / colour change

colour change = positive result

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