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food tech

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good practices

- Wash your hands with soap,

- Tie hiar back if it is long,

- Wear an aperon,

- Dry hands with a paper towel,

- Clean kitchen worktops and floor,

- Dont put knifes in the sink,

- Put bags on a shelf,

- Keep frying pan handles away from the edge of the worktops and cooker.

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health and safty

- Wear apropriate footwear as the floor could be slipery.

- Wear an aperon as you could spill something hot on your clothes if not.

- Tie your hair back as you could get hair in your food.

- Dont have make up or jewlery on as makeup could containate your food.

- Cover cuts and boils as they carry bacteria.

- Keep nails short as long nails could fall into the food your cooking.

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hazards and risks

- A hazard is something that could hurt you or others

ex; hair falling in food, cross contamination

- A risk is something that is not controled

ex; cuts, burns, spills

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Alex Westall


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