Food Science

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Danger zone

High - risk foods need to be kept put of the danger zone (5C - 63C)

Food passed throught the danger zone while it is being thawed, cooled or heated.

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For bacteria to multiply to levels that can cause food poisoning, then need food, moisture, warmth and time.

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Food poisoning and Food - borne illness

They are caused by eating contaminated food - can be casue by bacteria.

Food - borne is cause by pathogenic micro - organisms carried by food and water. The symptoms are like food poisonign but severe symptos include paralysis and kidney failure. 

People who are elderly, very young, pregnant or ill are most at risk from food poisoning or food - borne. 

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Food allergies affect a small group of people - immune systom.

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High - risk foods

They are ready - to - eat foods. they are mosit and protein - rich, providing the ideal conditions for the multiplication of pathogens to levels that cause food poisoning when the food spends time in warm conditions. 

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