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Formation + location

Two plated moving towards each other (continental and ocianic)

The Alps go through:

    • France
    • Italy
    • Austria
    • Switzerland
    • Slovania
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  • Cable cars are used to transport milk up the mountains to be turned into butter.
  • Farmers who live in the village do this to make money and supply themselves with milk, butter, cheese etc.
  • This happens on the warmer, and sunnier south facing slopes while the cattle graze on the north facing slopes.
  • In the summer the cattle are taken high up to graze to allow the crops to grow on the small fields on the flat ground on the bottom. Cattle graze at the bottom in the winter.
  • The issues are:
    • Cables could break
    • Generator would cost a lot to run, for the cable cars.
    • Difficult to get all the farming equipment up slopes.
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  • Skiers, climbers and people who like to look at scenery all come to the fold mountain ranges.
  • In the winter they go to St Moritz and in the summer they go to Interlaka and Garca.
  • The local people like tourism as they bring money to the area.
  • Issues are:
    • Global warming means there's less snow.
    • Damaging vegetation.
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Hydro-Electric power

  • Hydro-electric power stations are built on dams and rivers. Water passes through the turbine which turns the generator and produces electricity.
  • The electricity could go to industry as they require a high amount of electricity.
  • Places which do this are: 
    • Lago di Luz - Zone in the valley blenio in swizerland.
    • They have the largest share of electricity.
  • This is used all year around. Mainly in summer as the glaciers are melting and more water is produced.
  • This Generates electricity for towns and cities. it's a renewable energy source.
  • This has a negative effect on the river systems. they affect the fish and other spicies.
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  • The mine was built by the spanish.
  • It's an open case mine.
  • The people who will be affected in this are:
    • Miners will get money
    • the whole world will get gold
    • business man will sell the gold and get money.
  • This happens in:
    • Bolivia
    • west coast 
    • peru
    • South America
    • Andes
  • This can happen all year round
  • The mines contain a rich mix of minable materials which are very valuable.
  • The problems it includes are: it ruins landscapes, Dangerous, Falling rocks, contaminates water supplies with toxic cyaide.
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