Flying Controls

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List all the methods of power failure provision

  • should a flying control component fail?

  • Duplicated PFCU’s

  • Multiple control Surfaces

  • Secondary Power supplies – RAT, PTU, Electro-hydraulic pumps, accumulators, secondary hyd system

  • Tandem PFCU

  • Self-Contained PFCU

  • Lifing of PFCU’s

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State the function of the Primary and Secondary

  • control system stops and where they are fitted?

  • Primary – Limit the range of movement of the flying controls preventing damage to the aircraft. Fitted internally or externally to the PFCU.
  • Secondary – Typically fitted to the control input to prevent damage and overstressing the control runs.

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List all the desirable characteristics of an

artificial feel system?

Designed to provide progressive feel against a control surface deflection at a constant speed, and against a constant deflection at varying speeds. Based on both airspeed and altitude derived from pilots input and static pressures. Duplicates the normal feel that would be obtained from a manually operated system.

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